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Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic leak detection is a technique that is well suited to any

flat or low pitched roof. These tests use an electrical current

to identify defects such as pinholes and punctures in the roof

surface and are well-suited to most common roofing membranes.

Electronic Leak Detection is Ideal as a quality control measure for contractors,

main contractors and clients alike.


It helps confirm that a waterproofing installation is undamaged

and fit for purpose and enables rapid, accurate location of any leaks.
In addition, testing equipment is available for both wet and

dry conditions. This method for detecting trapped moisture problems

in flat roofs can also prevent equipment down time, production

losses and damage to structural components which have been

compromised by water. Periodic Infrared roof inspections can add

years to the service life of a roof and find energy loss due to wet insulation.


Water enters a roof through defects in the waterproofing layer(s) due

to deterioration, tears, cuts, poorly sealed penetrations, seams,

failed flashings or caps causing the insulation to become laden with

trapped moisture. The building experiences energy loss because wet

insulation has a lower “R” value than dry material thus providing

less thermal resistance.




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