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Thermographic Surveys


Thermal Imaging Surveys are a tried and tested technique used within the building industry to validate the building performance of both homes and commercial buildings. They can provide the diagnostic information necessary for developing an effective roof maintenance program, planning capital budgets and for making informed decisions when considering roof repairs or replacement.


Thermographic roof surveys work on the principal that wet areas of the roof retain any heat absorbed during the day for longer periods of time. At night, when the roof radiates heat back into the air, an infrared ‘heat-seeking’ camera can be used to detect these warmer areas and therefore identify areas of entrapped moisture.


The result can be seen on a ‘thermogram’, which is effectively a photograph created with heat. Residential Infrared surveys can help our clients’ detect heat/energy loss ingress from the within the structure of the building be it from the Roof, Windows or Doors.


The survey can also help with moisture ingress of the brick & stone work. The survey result can lend the client see where they are losing heat which is money. Once a report is produced the client can then go about resolving the heat/energy loss of their property.

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